Flexible, interactive data pipelines for your Mac

Data Sources

Your data comes from all places. Shouldn't you be able to handle everything with one app? Strukt natively supports:

  • text and binary files
  • CSV, TSV, and Excel (XLSX) files
  • HTML tables/lists, JSON structures, and other data from the web
  • local data stores like Git and SQLite
  • remote data stores like Postgres, MySQL, and any webpage
  • your Mac contacts, calendars, and events
  • other common types of files, like compressed archives, bitmap images, and log files

Data Types

Your shell can process any data source, but only as plain text (or bytes). Strukt has a rich collection of actual data types:

Type Examples
string hello, world
number 345
date 2016/07/05 9:45
location 47°37′13″N 122°20′57″W
hsl(118°, 45%, 95%)


Tables are a great model for data, but they're not so great for visualization. That's why, in addition to tables, Strukt also supports charts, maps, plain text, and HTML views.


Strukt is fully keyboard-friendly (Mac or Emacs style), and includes alias for common Unix commands you might already know. As you type, it displays partial results.

It will even automatically update the results when it sees that your source data changed, if it's safe to do so.

Requires macOS 10.14.4 or newer